ROUND TABLE IV – Arts and Human Rights

26 May 2016

ROUND TABLE IV – Arts and Human Rights

Arts and Human Rights


Karamitrou Katerina, Assistant Professor – Early Childhood Education Department, University of Ioannina

Kordoutis Panos, Professor – Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences


Karamitrou Katerina, University of Ioannina

Theatre, the Archetypal Art of Memory and Nostos and its Sociopolitical Contest as the Cultural Vehicle towards Human Identity and Communion-Innovatory Approaches on Social Rights and Expression through Dramatic Art

Theano Kottaridou, Museum of Children’s Art

The art…of rights”, educational approaches

Raptis Theocharis, University of Ioannina

Music as a human right – music education for human rights

Ferentinou Victoria, University of Ioannina

The personal is political: nomadic subjectivity, otherness and art

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