ROUND TABLE I – Vulnerable Social Groups and Human Rights

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26 May 2016
09:00 - 11:00

ROUND TABLE I – Vulnerable Social Groups and Human Rights

Vulnerable Social Groups and Human Rights


Madoglou Anna, Professor – Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

Nikolaou George, Associate Professor –  University of Patras


Kordoutis Panos, Panteion University

Gay rights in Greece: tracing shifts in blatant and aversive discrimination towards gay people

Eleni Maragkoudaki, University of Ioannina

Women and Human Rights

Nikolaou George, University of Patras,

Human Rights and Universality. Curtural and finanicial difficulties of Western Utopia

Madoglou Anna, Theophilos Ginopoulos, Panteion University

Personal nostalgic inter-generational experiences

Bozatzis Nikos, University of Ioannina

A ‘right’ or an ‘ordeal’? Rhetorical / ideological dilemmas of Greek neomigrants in Melbourne

Stergiou Leda, University of Ioannina

Growing up in Greece by Albanian parents: Rights and non-rights from the point of view of second-generation university students


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