ROUND TABLE VΙΙ – Children and Human Rights

26 May 2016
16:15 - 17:45

ROUND TABLE VΙΙ – Children and Human Rights

Children and Human Rights


Kourti Evangelia, Assosiate Professor – Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Athens

Papadopoulou Smaragda, Associate Professor- Department of Primary Education, University of Ioannina


Giotsa Artemis, University of Ioannina

Parents and Teachers: Protecting Childrens against violence and agression

Kourti Evangelia, University of Athens

Human rights, children and media: representations of war-affected children

Mylonakou – Keke Iro, University of Athens

Human Rights and Refugees: Social Pedagogical Intervention Program in refugee hosting areas with emphasis on strengthening child and family

Papadopoulou Smaragda, University of Ioannina

Human rights in children’s books  as words and thoughts: Language  lessons to respect humanity in everyday life through experiential teaching process applications.

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